Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Book Haul

Hey everyone! I hope your holidays have and your 2014 have been awesome! Recently I got a few books for Christmas so I thought I'd share them with you! Just so you know I have not read most of them so I won't write a synopsis or a review, but I will tell you my thoughts of the ones I have started to read or have paged through.

Ladurée Savory

I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive this for Christmas because I got Ladurée Sucre last year and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The pictures are incredibly beautiful, but the recipes are a little exotic and gourmet for the everyday cook. There was a lot of raw fish and foie gras, which are definitely not up my alley. There were some that sounded more manageable, like the salads, the steak, and the fish. It's a good addition to the collection of Ladurée books, but it wasn't what I was expecting. 

Top Ten Clues You're Clueless by Liz Czukas

I haven't had the pleasure of reading this one yet, but how cute is the cover?!?! The blue is perfection and the arrows and the bubble remind me of The Fault in Our Stars! From reviews I've read, it seems like it's sort of a Breakfast Club type book. I've never seen that movie, but I think it's like a bunch of kids stuck in a place. In this case, I'm fairly certain it's a grocery store they are working at. 

Just One Day by Gayle Forman

I haven't read this one either. I picked it up because the author also wrote the If I Stay series which I adore! It's also about a girl who just graduated and is going on a European tour type thing when she meets this guy and they go to Paris! Literally me, oh my gosh, can that happen?

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

I have actually started this one! Woohoo! I'm about half way through it and, guys, could this be the next Hunger Games or Divergent? Possibly! I love love love it! At first it was a little slow but then it picked up and now I can't stop reading! The book is divided into sections; so far there have been sections about Cassie and her brother Sammy, Ben Parish, and a Silencer. I don't want to give too much away, but it seems like the main idea is about these aliens who have started attacking Earth and are taking the people out in waves (hence the 5th wave). It focuses on what everyone is going through and how the humans are dealing with being attacked. It's kind of weird how Ebola is the 3rd wave (I think) and everyone had that Ebola scare this year. It's even weirder that the book was written last year, before that happened. Foreshadowing? Hopefully not! I've gotta start working out if it is because I would not survive! haha :)  I feel a review coming on when this one is done!

Hope you enjoyed! Did you get any good books recently or have you read any of these? Have a great break for everyone who is enjoying time off and stick to those New Year's Resolutions! 

Au Revoir! 

"We're here, and then we're gone, and it's not about the time we're here, but what we do with the time." -The 5th Wave

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Youtubers to Watch

Bonjour mes amis! About two years ago, I discovered YouTube. No, I didn't make a channel (although how fun would that be?), I started watching videos. That actually sounds really lame when it's written out, doesn't it? Gosh, it sounds seriously, seriously lame! Haha, anyways... since then I've been a religious watcher and I've found some amazing channels that need more subscribers!!! Here are some of my favorites:

Savannah Brown
Savannah is seriously so cool. She has great videos that are funny, inspirational, and relatable all at the same time. One of her most known videos is her slam poem that she wrote in response to one of Nash Grier's videos. I love that she followed her dreams and moved to London for university even though she was terrified and wasn't sure if it was the right move. Definitely a role model!
Here's her video "Can you tell I'm excited?"

Nathan, oh Nathan, how are you so funny? I love this guy. He's so funny and it's awesome how he's funny without swearing or being inappropriate, which is how so many Youtubers are these days. His humor is just so amazing and he can practically make anything funny. He does occasionally deal with some heavier topics though. Nathan is so down-to-Earth, too, and deals with his fame in a great way. Like, Savannah, he also made a Nash Grier response video which is hilarious, but still gets his point across. Just watch him. You won't be sorry.
Here's his video "How to be Confident in 5 Easy Steps"

I'm Adam, I'm Nolan, I'm Nick... and we're MANNN! And I'm in love! These guys, oh man. They are so funny! They're super consistent with uploading every Monday and they always have great videos. Whether it's telling you what guys wish girls knew or doing the Youtuber whisper challenge, they've got you covered. All of them seem like all around great people (not to mention they're pretty good looking)! You can tell they genuinely love being Youtubers and are in it for the long run!
Here's their video "Wax My Body Challenge"

Jana vlogs
I don't even remember how I stumbled across Jana's channel a few weeks ago, but I'm so glad I did. I literally binge watched her videos at midnight. I love how she's not your typical Youtube girl in the sense that she doesn't do beauty videos or anything. Her videos are funny and not too short but not too long, and she just shares her insights on different things. She's just so awesome, definitely check her out!
Here's her video "British Girl Trying American Candy"

Allie Marie Evans
This girl, I love this girl. She is literally Taylor Swift. No joke. She's so funny and awkward and has great life, style, and beauty advice. Her style is a mix of modern and vintage, her haircut is fabulous, and she always (always) has red lipstick on. See, Taylor Swift! She used to model and now, well, I'm not actually sure what she does, but she's definitely climbing the ranks of my favorite Youtubers! I can guarantee you will love her videos! They're filmed and edited super well, too! 
Here's her video "Awkward Fall Haul"

Oh my gosh, Katy is amazing. Her brows are on point, of course, and her style is awesome. I love how she is so relatable. She recently went to college so a lot of her videos have been about that recently. She offers great life, fashion, and beauty advice (like Allie) and all of her videos are literally perfection. If you don't want to watch any of her videos, please please please watch the one below and the one called "How to Be Popular" because they changed my view on a lot of things! She and her friend Allegra have a blog too!
Here's her video "How to be Pretty"

I love everything about her and her channel. Rachel is so bubbly and fun and happy in all of her videos! She literally does everything and if you love lipstick, this is your girl! She always finds the best clothes and beauty products and she shares a lot about her life, especially her baby girl! Rachel has great reviews on a mix of drugstore and high end products! Her channel is awesome, her videos are well edited and her personality is perfect! 
Here's her video "November Favorites 2014"

Emily's fashion and beauty videos are so well done and she has such great style! It's cool to see how her style has changed over the year or so that I've watched her. She's really relatable and she uploads videos regularly (I would say once a week). I love how she does a lot of the fashion and beauty things, but also branches out to do DIY and OOTW and things like that. If you need some fashion inspiration, look no further!
Here's her video "My Style!"

I hope you guys liked this! Check these guys out because they try so hard and make amazing videos! It's winter break soon so hopefully I'll be able to get some more things written and posted (finally)! I'm also doing 25 Days of Outfits on my Polyvore (wallflower1888) where I post a Christmas themed outfit everyday! Have a great week!

Au Revoir!

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life"