Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Review: Just One Day

Hey guys! So today I am reviewing Just One Day by Gayle Forman!

This book follows Allyson as she and her best friend Melanie embark on trip around Europe after graduation. When they are in Stratford-upon-Avon, Allyson meets Willem, a traveler and an actor in a Shakespeare group who invites her and Melanie to come watch his performance. They do and the next day the tour ends and the friends take a train to London to meet Melanie's cousin (or friend, I can't remember which). On the train Allyson finds Willem and the two have an instant connection. He asks Lulu (his nickname for her) if she wants to go to Paris with him for the day because she wasn't able to on the tour. She takes a risk and says something she wouldn't have even thought about saying before: yes. After an eventful day in Paris, a heartbroken Allyson leaves for London to find Melanie, but everything is different. Why did Willem do that to her? This begins the rebellion of Allyson. Everyone expected her to be the perfect student, but what she realizes, with the help of a few failed classes, is that she is doing what everyone wants her to do- not what makes her happy. Allyson goes on a self discovery journey with her new friend Dee and decides to find Willem in Europe and clear up what happened once and for all. 

Sorry for being so ambiguous at some parts, it's hard not to give away what happened! 

***contains spoilers*** 

I had high hopes for Just One Day. I'd thought it would be kind of like a Meant to Be type book (if you haven't read that yet, get on it. It's by Lauren Morrill) with the girl falling in love with the guy she didn't expect to like. Unfortunately, it was not. I absolutely loved the concept of it though. It started off really well with the European tour and Paris, but once Allyson went back to college, she became such a slacker. I just couldn't believe that one day could change her life so much. Maybe it's because I haven't had any experience with love, but I don't understand how one guy that she just met, no less, could leave her so distraught. Anyways, I do really identify with Allyson. I love how she grew throughout the story and really followed her heart and did what she wanted even if her parents didn't support her. It was interesting to see how she went from being such a good girl to being so rebellious. This part really resonated with me, and probably most teenagers, because at this point in my life I'm trying to decide what I want to do and if what I want to do is actually what I want to do, just like Allyson, if that makes any sense. I especially loved the last third or so when she went back to Europe to find Willem. You could really tell that she had grown up because she was taking so many risks and going to all these different countries where she didn't speak the language. That part was really inspiring. 

Overall, I did like it. If you are tired of romance novels, this probably isn't for you, but if you aren't, heck, add it to your list! I am definitely looking forward to reading Just One Year and the ebook (I cannot for the life of me remember the name!).

Well, hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! I apologize for not keeping my promise and posting more frequently... I've had a ton of homework and, honestly, my grades aren't up to par at the moment (*ahem* english), I'll try my hardest though! 

Au Revoir!

"Sometimes the best way to find out what you're supposed to do is by doing the thing you're not supposed to do." -Gayle Forman, Just One Day

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