Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bare Minerals Blush & Concealer Review

Hey guys! Recently I went to a city that had a Bare Minerals store so my mom and I popped in there for a few things. I purchased the READY Blush, the Correcting Concealer, and the Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush.

First off, the blush.

This READY Blush is in the color The One, which I first picked out because it was the title of the last book of the Selection Series, coincidentally, when I was "matched" the person picked this one out! I would describe it as a pinky nude color (sorry, the photo does not do it justice). It does have some shimmer, but is is not noticeable at all once it is on. Very pretty, very natural. I prefer just a flush of color, but it is buildable. From the one time I wore it, it didn't get too much darker than when I put in on in the morning. Last year, I had one Clinique blush, but I realized that it had darkened so much that it looked like I had two red spots on my cheeks half way through the day! Thus, I had to stop using it. There is a slight smell, but I'm fairly certain it is from the packaging. Speaking of the packaging, it is very nice. The plastic is the soft velvety stuff that I love so much although it is a little hard to open, but that's probably just me. So far I am very happy with this!

Next up is the concealer and the concealer brush. 

This thing is magical. Really. I purchased this Correcting Concealer (with SPF 20, no less) in the shade Medium 1. I needed a concealer so badly and this was a life saver. For a while I was using the CoverGirl + Olay one, but it seemed drying and it was a little too light so if I put it on a blemish it stood out. This one on the other hand is full coverage, not drying at all, and just the perfect color. It does make my dry skin stand out a little, but that's to be expected. It is super creamy and a minuscule amount goes a long way. I used it for the first time the other day and I put on way too much because I had no idea how much I needed! I don't use it under my eyes, so I am not qualified to review it on that front, but it does cover my acne pretty well. The packaging is great and there is no scent. I would highly recommend this!

Since I was not going to be using my fingers to apply the concealer, I decided to get the concealer brush. This is the Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush and it works wonders. It is just like painting, let me tell ya! I felt like a work of art! Quite possibly the Mona Lisa. In all seriousness, it was a great companion to the concealer. It applied the concealer perfectly and picked up just the right amount of product. 

Click on the product for the link!

Hope you liked this! I'll try to do more beauty related things soon. A haul might even be in the works.   And a DIY. And a book review. Sorry about the pictures, my camera is terrible so I had to use my iPod!

Have a great day!

Au Revoir!

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