Sunday, August 10, 2014

Book Review: Paris, My Sweet

     Bonjour mes amis! Today, I am reviewing "Paris, My Sweet" by Amy Thomas. This book is a true story which was very intriguing for me. It is also set in Paris which was why I initially wanted to read it. I'm pretty obsessed with all things France (and England). "Paris, My Sweet" is about Amy, a New York Times writer and Sweet Freak blogger. She had gone to Paris to try out different sweets for her blog and fell in love with Paris even more than she had on a study abroad trip in college. When she returns to New York, one of her coworkers offers her a job writing for Luis Vuitton in Paris! Amy can't believe her luck and snaps it up like a macaron in Laduree. As she arrives in Paris, she realizes there is a huge language barrier, despite her French lessons, and she misses her family, friends, and life back in New York. She is constantly reminded of her lack of a love life since it seems everyone in Paris is in a relationship and, after a year of being in Paris, her best friend in NY is getting married! Amy realizes that even though her hectic life in New York doesn't even compare to her life in the city of light, she misses her old routine. After her first year in Paris, does Amy decide to stay in the city she's dreamed about for years or go back to the city where everything is constantly changing?
     I have read many reviews for "Paris, My Sweet" (on GoodReads, specifically) and some say that Amy is being very self centered. I didn't think this was the case. If you are reading a piece of literature that is about a person finding their way and is nonfiction, I think that it is okay to talk about yourself. I mean, the book is about Amy and the ups and downs of her Parisian life! For someone who is considering moving to France (or at least doing a study abroad there, this was very beneficial for me. I didn't want to read a book about all the places she went because there are guidebooks for that. I wanted a real story about someone like me! "Paris, My Sweet" delivered! It definitely made me re-evaluate my plans. I never thought that things like being a single woman in a sea of couples could be difficult, but I suppose it could! Then there is the fact that the language barrier will make it hard to make friends, even if you are somewhat fluent. Besides the reflection part, there were so many mouth watering deserts described in every chapter that it made me want to board a plane and hop on over to Angelina for some thick and creamy hot chocolate. This was practically a guide to pastries, too!

     All in all, "Paris, My Sweet" earns 5/5 for me. If you are considering moving to Paris, definitely pick this one up!

     You can grab a copy here!
     And be sure to check out Amy's Sweet Freak blog and her current blog!

Au Revoir!

"Paris is always a good idea" -Audrey Hepburn

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